Google Launches New Web Tool

Yes, it is the holiday season, and while most of us endured the Thanksgiving Turkey overload… some of us bravely took on shopping sales Friday and over the weekend. As Cyber Monday is coming to an end we wanted to take a moment to look at some new tools Google is stuffing in our stocking. Right before Thanksgiving went into full swing Google launched a beta version of a new tool called Web Dev. Early looks appear to be promising. Anytime we as developers and designers can get our hands on a new way to test our work only increases the quality level of results for clients.

What we are hoping for (and so far it looks like this is going to amazing) is that this new analysis tool provides far deeper data. From measuring basic SEO features such as focus keywords, slugs, header tags, and readability scores… Wed Dev is promising to go far further in regards to providing and grading information on a website.

It is all about LIGHTHOUSE

So we played around with this all weekend (yes while we digested pound of turkey and cups of gravy). We tested a plethora of our own websites as well as some sites we found online that we liked. Either from a design standpoint or a content architecture standpoint, we wanted to see how the sites staked up against Google’s new audit tool. Results were, well, pretty impressive. Lighthouse might be a step above certain checks already within the google search console. In fact, if you utilize the full scope of tools provided by Lighthouse a developer and content writer may be able to speed up the organic SEO process. (again something we are really hoping for)

Why are we excited about Lighthouse and Web Dev? 

When it comes to building a website for SEO purposes you have plethora of things to consider. Content, links, design structure, calls to action, mobile functionally, bla bla bla… You know this. We know this. This is really SEO 101 and let us all take a minute to understand that we are beyond this basic intro mode. If you are NOT beyond this, read through our site carefully for more free information about how SEO really works and why you are probably being ripped off right now by a marketing agency.

NOW, to get on with our topic of discussion. Why are we excited? Here is why, it is very simple. Time management. If you are visiting our website its most likely because you were referred to us. We do not market or cold call, so referrals are how we end up with new clients. Clients send us new clients because we are transparent. We simply do what we say and the results follow suit. To be transparent, at Black Box, we LOVE yoast. The plugin yoast deserves its own section, or sections, within our site. We absolutely love it. Here is the kicker, if it goes as we believe it will go, Lighthouse will work with yoast and provide a whole spectrum of “checkpoints” to mark off. Helping speed up the time of organic SEO management. Think about it, you can have your content writers, designers, and developers all working together making sure the site and content passes through all of these “scoring systems” at the same time.

What are your opinions and questions? 

Our motto is “we learn, you learn, we all grow together”. It’s blasted all over our office walls and tattooed on our hearts. Knowledge is power and we learn new things every day. Follow us and subscribe on our blogs home page below. We try and post quality information daily. We LOVE feedback and opinions. Drop us a line and also include any questions or topics you would like us to discuss.

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