Google on Mars

Okay, so yes we try and post daily about really cool SEO tips. Yes, we also post daily about Search Engine Marketing, Google AdWords, and pretty much anything related to websites. BUT WE ARE GEEKS OKAY. So get off our back lol. We love space, Star Wars, and everything in between (sorry no Trekkie Fans here at Black Box we are pro Jedi for life). Alight, so this is one of our space posts. Get it? a few hours ago the world got the news that we are one step closer to landing a human being on the red planet.

InSight Successfully Lands on Mars 

Yes we are going to say it again, and not for SEO purposes, but for dramatic effect… InSight Successfully Lands on Mars. Can you believe it? Milestones like this are like little space pavers, placing a path for us to land people on Mars. So, now with the funny stuff… will we google search on Mars? Most likley by the time we are ready to terraform Mars search engines will be dead. However until then we can all dream with wonder of local maps directions for the nearest cantina on the red planet. Maybe for some blue milk (that is a Star Wars Joke).

New Technology Advances Search Options 

Landing on Mars is far cooler then anything we do. Yet, for your business, SEM can be a way to help increase profits. As technology advances Google expands options with its browser and engine. New search tips and SEM techniques help your business stay ahead of your competitors. Black Box is made up on a bunch of Star Wars junkies with nothing better to do then hack away at keyboards. It is our never ending zest for information that fuels our abilities to our geek your competition. We already mentioned the new web dev tool via Lighthouse in an earlier post. 2019 will also provide us with additional updates to Google Search options.

What are your opinions and questions? 

Our motto is “we learn, you learn, we all grow together”. It’s blasted all over our office walls and tattooed on our hearts. Knowledge is power and we learn new things every day. Follow us and subscribe on our blogs home page below. We try and post quality information daily. We LOVE feedback and opinions. Drop us a line and also include any questions or topics you would like us to discuss.

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