Google Project Dragonfly

There is a big stir at Google and it has to do with censorship and profits. Google has always touted itself as an open source platform of free information. Many employees however have banded together to sign a letter detailing their disapproval of a new platform. According to CNBC over 300 Google Employees as of 5:00pm PST today had signed the decree.

This issue stems from Dragonfly, a theoretical search engine which would be utilized in China. Google removed its intent to develop a search engine for use in China as a way to “protest” the censorship of citizens. Now, with profit projections, it appears this might no longer be the case. It is reported that the Chinese Government severely censors what citizens can access on the world wide web. CNBC and other respected news agency are reporting that China blacklists and blocks certain websites. Information itself is also reported to be blocked. The 1989 incident and Tiananmen Square is supposedly blocked from reading online for Chinese citizens.

Google is doing the right thing… on both sides of the table

We see both sides of this argument. On one side of the table you have the employees of Google. Who, as their given right as American Citizens, are voicing their concerns. Rightfully so, as the censorship and denial of free information isn’t something anyone should feel is appropriate. So kudos to those who stepped up to defend the rights of those oppressed.

However, we also see Google’s point of view. IF project Dragonfly can bring new information, and most of all EASY ACCESS, to information to the citizens of China then the search engine addition would be amazing. CNBC also reported that some of the older information restrictions enforced by the Chinese Government have been removed. If this is accurate the Dragonfly might help millions of Chinese Citizens gain access to information that was once denied to them.

Information is knowledge and knowledge is POWER

We are big believers that knowledge is power. Not power over another person, but fuel for your life. We learn every day. Pushing ourselves to read, study, question, contemplate, and discuss is how we grow as programmers. From development to design we constantly look for new ways of understanding things. New ways of doing things. According to Science Focus, the big four (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook) have over 1,200 petabytes between them alone. If you include other information storage sources like Dropbox and SugarSync that number jumps up exponentially.

The point we are trying to make is this. IF Dragonfly helps bring information, and easy free access to that information, to the people of China then this could be something great. The ability to hop on a computer and access free information is as profound as landing a man on the moon (in our eyes at least). Now, you can learn at your leisure, study and grow as an individual. It is why we love our motto. You Learn. We Learn. Together we Grow. 

What are your opinions and questions? 

Our motto is “we learn, you learn, we all grow together”. It’s blasted all over our office walls and tattooed on our hearts. Knowledge is power and we learn new things every day. Follow us and subscribe on our blogs home page below. We try and post quality information daily. We LOVE feedback and opinions. Drop us a line and also include any questions or topics you would like us to discuss.

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