2019 SEO Content Updates

Trying to increase your visibility and exposure in 2019? Of course you are! Well, new reports are coming out across the web about content updates, specifically those related to Yoast and other SEO guideline tools. One of the biggest things 2019 looks to bring to the table is advanced updates on content quality. Keyword stuffing has been a “no-no” for the last few years. However, making sure you use focus words within your headings and slugs still has proven to provide a positive ranking response. We believe, from our research and reviewing the research of other top programming firms, that the BIGGEST change in 2019 is going to deal with content quality. This again isn’t something “brand new” to google, in fact if you click here you can read about quality topics directly from google. Search Engine Journal, a leading SEO and SEM review board, also published articles in July of 2018 about upcoming content changes.

Why is quality content becoming more important? 

So what does this mean? Simply put websites need to provide quality content. Not “robotic content”. This statement may sound overly obvious to you, however it represents a major paradigm shift within regards to organic SEO tactics. For the last few years content was “simplified” or made “semi-robotic” in order to help trigger better results. The thought process behind this was based upon “reading levels” and the way search engines “crawled” for information.

However, as updates such as Pigeon, Penguin, and even Medic have rolled out changes to quality scores have shifted. If you are looking for a black and white answer one does not exist. In the realm of organic programming, content and SEO tactics are much like playing a video game. While there is a method to the madness, it is still a “game” in the sense that there isn’t one right or wrong way. Content now appears to need depth more then ever. However there is still a give and take. Regardless of the countless updates, and even companies claiming to have some level of artificial intelligence, none of the programs have the ability to “think and choose”. Meaning these systems are STILL built in RULES. Yes, just like Neo did there is a way to “crack” the Matrix.

How to write amazing content and still rank for SEO

This is the age old questioned. Okay, so it’s not “age old” but come on it’s talked about daily. How can someone write captivating content for a consumer or client to read and ALSO trigger the search engine to pick up keywords. Our opinion, and again all of what we discuss, all of what any SEM or SEM firm discusses, all of it is JUST educated opinions. Please do not think for one minute that we, NOR ANY marketing firm have access to some secret code or trick. So, again, our opinion is that you need a quality writer. Someone who can create amazing, fresh quality content. Who not only understands your business and market BUT ALSO understands your niche offering(s) and they way you want to portray (brand) yourself to potential customers.

Then, as the content itself is being developed that same writer must have some level of SEO and SEM knowledge. The writer and programmers then work as a team to identify what it is that you as the client want to advertise. The next step is to figure out which one of your competitors is eating into your market share and how they are ranking and gobbling up traffic from high ranking placements. The final step is to take the content, devise a “battle plan” to attack the positions/rankings of your competitors, and then apply quality SEO/SEM elements within the content, publish, and watch it grow.

What are your opinions and questions? 

Our motto is “we learn, you learn, we all grow together”. It’s blasted all over our office walls and tattooed on our hearts. Knowledge is power and we learn new things every day. Follow us and subscribe on our blogs home page below. We try and post quality information daily. We LOVE feedback and opinions. Drop us a line and also include any questions or topics you would like us to discuss.

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