Google AdWords Express Expands its Options

Google AdWords is an amazing way to generate exposure and leads for your business. Not only do paid ads give you “instant gratification” with first page exposure, you ALSO get access to deeper analytics with your AdWords than you do with organic rankings. Google AdWords however isn’t the easiest system to set up or navigate. While Google doe a phenomenal job with their Google Academy, as well as thousands of free info tutorial you can view online, properly running a paid campaign can be difficult. However, Google has provided a “quick and easy” way to start a paid search campaign, Google AdWords express. The only problem though was that with the simplicity of its use, some of the more robust options were removed. Apparently, it looks like this has changed, which is amazing for small business owners.

When is using AdWords Express considered a better option?

Some business owners are either paying an SEO firm for organic rankings, or are tackling their optimization on their own. Whether a a business is paying an SEO firm or doing it in house themselves, so owners also do not want to utilize an AdWords Specialist. Rightfully so, even though we are a marketing agency, one thing we believe in and “preach about” is that ANYONE can learn what we know. So cutting out the management fee that is paid to a marketing firm or paid search agency can help increase a businesses bottom line. However, trying to take on an AdWords Campaign can be extremely overwhelming. This is where AdWords Express comes in handy, and we mean SUPER HANDY.

From setting up map and search ads, campaign strategies, and coupons, you can quickly and easily manage your spend. Now Google is adding MORE tools, the kind found with a traditional campaign, into Express Campaigns. All of this makes managing your spend easier.

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