Voice Search Content Optimization

We’ve talked about this topic a few times now, and for the month of February, we are going to continue to pump out information about this SUPER important SEO element. Search Engine Land released two well written posts about this area of organic programming on the 11th of February alone. Talk to search or “voice search” is something most of us do everyday. Whether we are talking to Siri or to Google, we are now asking for information rather than “hunt and pecking” for information via a keyboard. The point is this, and we urge all of our clients and readers to truly pay attention… When you speak to your phone you are able to “ask” or “search” for more in depth data. Think about it, when we type we sometimes “short type”. For example, we might key in “Divorce Lawyer Los Angeles”. However, if we are using voice search we might ask for something more specific, for example, “How to keep my financial assets during a divorce”. This type of search may bring a more specific client type as well.

How Voice Search can increase conversions to your business

When someone is able to perform a more in depth search, the result is very specific. Analytics prove that a more specific, fine tuned search, brings in a better client inquiry. It usually means the potential client is looking for a very specific need, service, or product. If you are a provider that matches or can fulfill this request, you should have a high probability of converting the inquiry into a client. So what does this mean for your current SEO campaign and marketing? Well, for starters, you NEED to start publishing content daily that addresses “talk to search”. One great way of doing this is through blog posts on your website. Providing quality information weekly will help not only give search engines a reason to revisit your website, but the quality content you add (if done so correctly) will also help your site “pop up” for those highly coveted voice search results.

Talk to search is the next big thing

We firmly believe that talk to search, or voice search, is not only the next big thing… we believe it will revolutionize how SEO is performed on so many different areas within your site. Throughout this month we will be looking at different aspects of how talk to search may be the missing piece to your current marketing campaign. We will also be interviewing some of our clients who have already received extensive voice search SEM integration into their website. Their results, testimonials, and feedback will be published throughout February so make sure to check back often.

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