Google AdWords Tips

We love AdWords. If you are currently running an online marketing campaign, or utilizing an SEO firm to manage your internet leads, you want to MAKE SURE that you have AdWords up and running. At least that is our opinion. See, we are firm believers that Google Ads is the BEST BANG for your BUCK when it comes to generating real client leads from the web. Now, don’t get us wrong, as a content developers and designers, we also believe in organic lead generation. Truly, organic and paid search should go together likes peas and carrots, or as we like to say, cake and ice cream. We know, who doesn’t like cake and ice cream right? Okay, back to business. So, the first thing we are going to discuss today is ensuring that AdWords is accounted for in your monthly marketing spend. AdWords gives you instant gratification, if properly managed, to not only rank on the top of the first page BUT more importantly it gives you a quality opportunity to capture phone call or inquiry from a potential client pretty much instantly. So, why not just turn AdWords on right now? Keep reading. We think you should.

Quality Score and landing page design with AdWords 

Search Engine Land is one of our favorite sites. We love this group. They constantly provide tons of valuable information about SEO and SEM, and recently, published an article about automation and ways to improve an AdWords Campaign. Google Ads Quality Score is one of the first things you want to take into consideration. You can read all about it directly from Google, as well as other online info board such as SEO Journal and of course Black Box (yes that was a joke but seriously we would love to talk with you directly about AdWords). In a nut shell, based upon content, design, and performance you can better manage your CPC (cost per click) which in turn can help streamline your CPA (cost per acquisition). The next thing you might want to look into is automation, and depending upon your budget and industry, this could be a big benefit to your campaign. Again, the full article with extreme detail is available on Search Engine Land’s website, but to summarize it, there are some pretty cool features you can utilize to make bids and Ad decisions automatic to your campaign needs.

How do I know if my current SEO firm is running AdWords? 

Well, for starters, you can simply ask them. When you are spending large sums of money per month, $4,000.00 and up, you better make sure some of this is earmarked for AdWords. Google AdWords is, again in our opinion, the most important element outside of design. Design is still number one because the potential client is going to judge a book by its cover. You have to have quick and easy, yes visible, access to contact forms and telephone numbers. Attorney awards and badges, medical accreditations, contractors licenses, essentially they STUFF that makes YOU, well YOU, should also be above the fold (before you scroll) and easily noticed when your site loads. Okay, we could talk all day and night about design, this article isn’t about design, so you get the point. Design leads to conversions. Google AdWords gets potential clients to your website. Make sure you have AdWords running when you’re paying big bucks per month.

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