CDN Hosting Speed Benefits

So, as I am personally writing this post I am on hold with our back office support staff and hosting department, and honestly pulling my eyeballs out. I figured it would be a GREAT time to write an article about the utter MADNESS that can occur with on-page SEO. Here is some insight to the level of detail, and some would say “obsession”, we put into everyone of our clients. This morning we were working on a client’s website, finishing the final touches on speed optimization. Check out this nonsense, for those of you performing your own SEO, we hope this makes you laugh and also acts like a warm hug letting you know, that “it’s not you” it’s “crazy SEO” how things unfold sometimes.

CDN – Deliverer of Results OR the Devil? 

We have just completed total minification and compression of our client’s website. HTML, CSS , and we finished defer parsing of java. Of course, all images were optimized, compressed, and the site is beyond built for mobile. Everything was done except for installing our CDN, which we have to force over, due to https configuration issues (whole other story). Prior to activating CDN, I personally must have had an epiphany, I decided to run the google insights test just to see where the site was at. WOW, I was SHOCKED, like super happy “joy-joy” shocked. Dude the sit ranked a 93 on mobile and a 96 on desktop. So I went over to gtmetrix, thinking maybe I needed a second confirmation that I was the Jedi Master of site speed optimization. Well, call me freaking Luke Skywalker cause I got all A’s across the board.

Well, with these results without CDN activated I must hit 100’s with it activated? Right? Guess I’m no Jedi, cause once we threw the switch on the delivery network, all hell broke lose. It was like Boba Fett crawled his ass out of the Sarlacc Pit (click the link for you non Wookie Readers for info) and started blasting holes in my speed optimization programming. The site tests TANKED. Mobile went from 93 to 34 and Desktop went from 96 to 77. So, at first I wanted to throw my Millennium Falcon desk lamp through my office window. I mean, that’s for sure what Han Solo would do. Yet, I kept my cool and pulled a Yoda. I said to myself “know how to fix, back office they do”.

Back Office Doesn’t Know – Google Doesn’t Know – Maybe Obi Wan Kenobi Know? 

NO ONE CAN EXPLAIN how activating CDN could have dropped the site so low. After hours of head scratching, we were able to go back, tweak some elements, looked into java (no not Jaba), checked images, and got the page speed back up. The POINT of this article is really for ALL OF YOU OUT THERE who are brave enough to be learning the “force” all on your own. If you’re performing your own SEO, don’t panic or freak out when issues like this happen. They happen daily, and will continue to happen. Each site presents its own unique issues and curve balls. If you ever run into one and need help call us. We are more than happy to dive in and assist.


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