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Google My Business is a profile that should be managed daily if you care about Organic SEO. Publishing content not only helps users interact with the website but more importantly, it helps with traffic and conversions. Your website has two primary areas were SEO developers can add information, which are inner pages and posts. Inner pages can be utilized as anchor or cornerstone pages as well, while blog posts are typically utilized for news and updates. Looking for additional platforms to add content to can be tricky, and sometimes, time consuming to say the least. As developers, we try and add a lot of fresh content to directories when applicable, off page press releases, as well as social media feeds. However, one of the best areas to add off page content is directly within the Google My Business Profile.

However, this “tool” might soon be off the table unless a client wants to pay for it. As an ethical SEO agency, we do not charge clients money for no reason. In fact, the majority (if not all) of our business comes from referrals. Which means we’ve got a great name in the industry and we don’t want to tarnish it. So adding quality posts to our clients Google Business Profile has been a way we can add depth to their organic content without charging extra. Unfortunately, according to Search Engine Land, this might all go out the window shorty. Check out their article below.

Google may decide to charge for Google My Business listings

If Google starts to charge for Google My Business listings it may introduce some issues for how Google defends their free/organic listings

Sean Bucher posted a screen shot of the survey on Twitter:

x-Sean Bucher@spbucher

Anyone else get this bananas questionnaire from GMB today about updated features and pricing for those features?

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The survey can be accessed over here and clearly shows Google to learn if they can charge for Google My Business listings and if so, how much they could charge per month.

What is Google My Business? Google My Business is a free service from Google to list your business profile on Google Maps and Google search. It helps you reach and engage with local customers across Google Search and Maps, while letting Google provide accurate local information to searchers. It launched in June 2014 and since then has been upgraded and improved many many times.

The survey. This survey specifically asks local businesses how much they would pay each month for many services that are already included in Google My Business. Google can charge from $10 per month to over $70 per month to be listed in the Google local results, according to this survey.

Here is one screen grab of one of the pricing models asked in the survey:

Here are more screen grabs of the various services and packages that may be included in this monthly fee:

  Why we should care. Obviously when anything goes from free to paid, the additional cost is something one would have to make room for in their budget or decide to go without. Google launched this service for free because they relied on third-party providers to give them local data. That data was often out of date or incorrect, thus Google needed to get on top of this problem, so Google provided a method for businesses to update their own information. Now that this service has become a requirement for most businesses, maybe Google feels it can charge for it and get away with doing so now?

Of course, if Google added a fee to Google My Business that it would be a nice revenue source for Google. However, this method of charging for search results like this is not how Google has typically monetized their search results. Typically they monetize for search ads, not simply being listed in the search results. This would somewhat change that model and it may make things complicated within Google’s internal ethics to support.

Ultimately, time will tell if Google decides to charge for Google My Business listings versus just using Google Ads or Google Ads Express for local ads.

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