Attorney Lead Generation

Black Box SEM is a boutique marketing agency. Yes, I know you’ve most likely read that throughout our website. However, we repeat ourselves not to sound robotic or to annoy a potential client, instead it is to highlight what we believe makes us different. Most SEO and Marketing Companies are RUSHING to sign up clients. The calls and demos sound more like a “let’s make a deal” game show rather than a meeting of the minds between to professional business entities. This is why Black Box focuses on attorney lead generation, rather than attorney SEO.

See, SEO is simply one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to generating leads for law firms. Unfortunately, too many SEO Sales Reps have pitched attorneys that organic SEO is the next best thing to sliced bread when it comes to a law firms marketing budget. Not only is the so far from the truth, worse, but it can also cripple an attorneys budget quickly.

How to use SEO to get Attorney Leads

If you want to know how to use SEO to get attorney leads, start by interviewing yourself. Here is an example of what we mean. When your phone rings and the SEO Company on the other end is pitching you hard, all you see is POTENTIAL dollars coming in. The SEO COMPANY sees GUARANTEED dollars coming in. That is because they lock you into a contract, and they make you pay regardless of your results. Interview yourself, ask yourself what is most important to you. Here are some questions you can contemplate asking and answering all by yourself:

  • Do I expect leads from my marketing?
  • How many leads need to convert to paying clients per month for me to be happy?
  • Do I believe potential clients in my area even use Google or the internet to look for my services?
  • What types of marketing are my competitors doing?
  • What is my niche, is it price, tenure, reputation?
  • Who is the ideal client, what is my target audience?
  • How much money do I need to break even from my campaign?
  • Do I have the budget to see this through the whole way?


Best Attorney Lead Generation 

The point of this article is to help lawyers understand that SEO and SEM may be right for you. It might be wrong for you. At the end of the day, the most important aspect (for lawyers) when it comes to digital marketing is attorney lead generation. If your campaign isn’t yielding the type of results you want, then stop paying for it. Chances are the SEO company you are with is going to throw a fit and try to bully you into some contract dispute.

All of that nonsense needs to end. Only attorneys can break this cycle. Start searching for quality lead generation agencies. Check out what Black Box SEM can offer your law firm.


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