Medical SEO Marketing

Medical SEO Marketing is supposed to increase revenue to your practice. Unfortunately, most dentists and plastic surgeons who sign up for medical digital marketing end up getting screwed over. Sorry for being blunt, but if you’re a doctor reading this article then allow us to be brash and honest. It will help you in the long run. Plastic Surgeon and Dentist SEO agencies dangle a carrot in front of your face that they have the tools and technology to transform your practice. Months later, and after tens of thousands of dollars in down the drain, you’ve got nothing.

Getting new patients each month is the only way to increase your bottom line from Search Engine Marketing. If you were growing vertical, essentially offering new services to existing patients, you wouldn’t turn to SEO for that. A company like Constant Contact or a flyer campaign to your current patients would be best suited. No, SEO is supposed to deliver NEW patients who are searching for your services and to capture them before another medical office does.

If you’re still reading this, don’t write the script for anxiety medication just yet. You don’t need pills to self medicate from a bad SEO campaign. You just need to deal with it like cancer, cut it off and move on.

Dentist SEO Marketing 

Dentist SEO Marketing is competitive. If you happen to be in a city with more than one stoplight than you know how many dental offices pop up. From family and pediatric dentistry to cosmetic dental needs, it’s hard to distinguish your practice from another. You can’t claim you’re the best. You’ve got to be very careful with how you market your dental office. So you’re left to brand and advertise with one arm tied behind your back. This is why a Dental Digital Marketing Agency may be helpful.

See, if you can find an ethical and reputable medical SEO marketing agency, you may be able to finally obtain the patients you’ve been “dying to get” (okay bad medical joke we get it). Yet, in all seriousness, what we are saying isn’t something new to you. You know you need quality medical marketing, and it’s probably what drove you to sign up with your current provider in the first place. Sadly, like a bad romantic relationship, it started out hot and heavy with your SEO firm. Huge promises turned to undelivered results.

If you’re attempting to “swipe left” until you find the right SEO company for doctors, you’re going to waste a lot of time and money. Instead, go with an agency that will truly partner with you.

Finding the best Medial SEO Marketing Company 

Just like there is no such thing as the best doctor or dentist, there is no such thing as the best search marketing agency. Find the best medical SEO marketing company isn’t what’s important. What IS IMPORTANT is to find the medical digital marketing agency that works best with your firm. Some doctors really want an agency that can work with their EMR. Other dentists want to crush it with new phone calls. We even have some plastic surgeons that love to publish videos on a near-daily basis.

The point is this, interview a lot of potential agencies. Don’t just settle on one because it says patient or doctor in their marketing name. Seriously, you are a DOCTOR, probably in the top 2% of intelligent human beings on this planet. You cannot pay a marketing company because they used a medical term in their business name. If your marketing agency cannot explain what they are doing the same way you can explain a medical procedure, get OUT OF THE MEDICAL CHAIR now.

If you would like to discuss your current campaign, or if you have questions about medical lead generation, give us a call. We’d be happy to help provide free tips and tactics. In the end, we’d also be happy to take your money too and earn you as a new client. After all, if we can make you more money, don’t we deserve to get paid? See, if your current marketing agency had that same mindset, you’d be too busy with patients instead of reading this article. Call us now. We are here to help.

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