Using AdWords for Attorney Lead Generation 

Black Box SEM is a premier San Diego Digital Marketing Agency. We specialize in using AdWords for Attorney lead generation. Our clients are our biggest advocates, and with a perfect 100% client retention ratio to date, it makes sense. Other Law Firm Marketing Companies try to lock clients into long term contracts. In addition, most SEO firms only focus on placements or rankings. Unfortunately, these same search engine gurus who pitch an attorney that SEO is the best way to get clients, fail to actually provide new leads.

If you’re an attorney, and you are hoping to get clients from your digital marketing, you must allocate enough money to paid search. In our opinion, Google AdWords is the best way to generate new client leads. When you combine AdWords with quality content, ethical and thorough on-page SEO, and social media you end up with an extremely effective marketing campaign. You just need to spend the money and invest that money with a reputable law firm marketing agency. That’s the tricky part.

Finding the right Law Firm Marketing Agency

Finding the right law firm marketing agency may seem impossible. Jumping from SEO firm to SEO firm is like a merry-go-round of bullshit. Yes, we cussed, so sue us. After all, if you’re reading this article then chances are you’re an attorney. And, if you’re still reading after we cussed, chances are you’re pissed off at your current SEO company. You should be, if you have the free time to search online for a law firm marketing agency, then your current campaign isn’t making your phone ring with new clients.

Trying to determine which SEO marketing agency to hire for your law firm isn’t rocket science. You just need to do your homework. Look, you don’t want into the courtroom half-cocked. Instead, you dig through discovery, you investigate, and do your research to make sure you’re the smartest lawyer in the room. You need to do the same BEFORE you pay a PENNY to any so-called SEO guru you met through a solicitation phone call.

Best tips for Attorneys using Google AdWords

Swing for the fences. I know, sounds too cliche, but it’s what we at Black Box believe in. Look, there’s no such thing as the BEST attorney and in turn, there’s no such thing as the BEST law firm marketing agency. If you lined up 10 different programmers. No, I don’t mean 10 different SEO Sales Reps, they all pitch the same crap which is usually smoke and mirrors with a snippet of honesty. I mean if you had a way to sit down with 10 different programmers from 10 different companies, you will probably get 10 different opinions on AdWords and Organic SEO.

Our Best tips for Attorneys using Google AdWords is to swing for the fences. GO BIG or GO HOME. AdWords is like Baseball. Think about it this way, no batter hits 100%. Ty Cobb still holds the best batting average at .366. That’s not even 50%. You’re telling me you want to spend a few hundred bucks and get leads? Stop wasting your time and money. The best tip we have is to actually attack AdWords with enough ammunition to hit your target. You’ve got to spend the money to make the money with AdWords.

What else can an attorney do to get leads online? 

Content, content, and more content. You need to write or hire a full-time writer. See, search results change. You know this. Over the last year, search has shifted to an even more informative platform. Your posts NEED to provide REAL, valuable data. Not just bullshit repetitive nonsense used to trigger SEO results as we did in the past. Yes, all of us at one time used the keyword stuffing techniques. News flash, DOESN’T WORK anymore. Your content needs to actually provide information about what someone is searching for.

  1. Here are some quick content tips:
  2. Write about a new case
  3. Blog about an old case that went well
  4. Read your local news, so crime reports or accident reports, and write about that online news story
  5. Talk about another attorney in your office and have them do the same about you
  6. Go out and do some local charitable donations then blog about it on your website
  7. Watch national news and if a story relates to your area of law, write an opinion about it on your site

Stop being lazy and hoping for clients to show up at your office and GO GET them

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