E Commerce SEO Marketing and Increasing Sales From Your Website

Black Box is one of the most, if not the most innovative digital marketing companies in the United States. Okay, okay, yes our opinion is totally biased. Heck, I am one of the technical managers of this firm and I am the one writing this article. So, yeah, you should not trust us right off the bat. Instead, check out our reviews online. Look what clients have to say about us. While Black box is known for our technology and our law firm and medical marketing, we actually started out as a payment processor. If you want to learn about E Commerce SEO Marketing and Increasing Sales From Your Website you came to right place. Black Box started out in the field of High Risk Merchant Processing nearly two decades ago. In fact, our owner and CEO is has an extensive and tenured 40 plus year career in the financial sectors. So, what do we do that’s so different?

Well, for starters, we understand technology. Now while that might seem either obvious or annoying (again you pick, you’re the reader) once you peel back the layers you will find out quickly why this is such an important piece to our puzzle. Look, just because you’ve got a great idea, and a great product or service, doesn’t mean you can make it online. Digital marketing is tough, and with the way that we saw algorithm’s change throughout August and even this past week, organic SEO and online lead generation are going to get tougher and tougher. If you want to actually MAKE MONEY from your online store or website, buckle up and get ready for your mind to get rocked.

How to Generate More Sales on my Website

Okay, so don’t slap us. Yes, we are writing this blog to try and score high with our SERP’s rankings. We believe that if this post ranks well, theoretically, someone looking for help growing their e-commerce business or website based store will find it and read it. Then, if they like it, maybe they will visit other pages of our website, check out our products and services, read some reviews, watch some videos, then call us and hire us. That means we get PAID. Hooray!

Now, if you’re sitting back pissed off because that’s how you found us, you should only be pissed at yourself. We just gave you a layup. You should be doing the SAME thing on YOUR website. Here’s the best part. You can do this ALL BY YOURSELF for FREE. That’s right, you don’t need to hire us, or any E Commerce SEO Marketing company for that matter, to get kick ass organic results. You know your products and services better than anyone, so talk about them. Here are seven simple steps to writing bad-ass content on your website and getting it to rank well for your online store or website based business.

  1. First and foremost make sure your website is set up with the google search console and if you’re using a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, or Shopify make sure your permalinks are displaying your post or page titles for SEO purposes.
  2. Pick a focus keyword, so either a specific product you want to highlight or a service or cluster of services that are related to each other.
  3. Set your primary header tag, or <h1> tag to match your focus keyword and the focus keyword she be the MAIN point or purpose you’re trying to talk about, so a specific product again or a specific service.
  4. In the first paragraph of content use the focus keyword and use an outbound like to a site that has high domain authority and page authority that’s related to your topic, so a similar product or an article about products like yours or services likes yours.
  5. In the second subheading, or your <h2> tagline, use a VERY specific benefit of the service or product you’re talking about, so if you sell t-shirts maybe your second header tags talks about designing custom shirts and how affordable your prices are.
  6. Now, try to list 5 to 10 really cool things about the second subheading, so if your <h2> tag talked about custom designs than list 10 different types of custom designs.
  7. Submit your post or page to the google search console and request indexing.

The seven steps above are things you can do all by yourself. You don’t have to be a programmer, you really don’t have to have a lot of knowledge about coding or even content architecture. Just write about your products or services. See, unlike Attorney or Medical marketing websites, you KNOW your products better than anyone. Now, you may think that an attorney or a dentist also knows their field. Rightfully so, they do, but they aren’t selling widgets they are selling themselves. YOU on the other hand are pedaling thing-e-mombobers and you NEED people to come to YOUR website and buy from YOU instead of a competitors.

Dropshipping SEO Marketing and Getting People to Buy From my Drop Ship Website

Look, we have nothing against dropshipping and drop shipping websites. However, we do have a problem with companies who scam people our of their hard earned money. We also cannot stand those annoying, lying ass YouTuber’s who create those videos with rented Ferrari’s and large house in the background trying to trick people into THEIR platform to make EASY money online. If something sounds too good to be true, it is. Stop, right there, put away your wallet and THINK.

How many people do you know who are rich, I mean stupid rich. Like “hey let’s go buy a Ferrari today cause I am bored rich”. Do those people dance around in videos trying to get you to pay them money for some secret they know? NO, they don’t. Do they try and sell you a pipe dream that you can make money while sitting on your ass doing nothing? NO, they don’t. Before we get into Dropshipping SEO Marketing you need to understand that NOTHING gets done without a TON of hard work. If you want to sell stuff online you need to either have a HUGE bankroll to spend on marketing or you need to ROLL up your sleeves and put in the long hours, I mean 20 to 40 plus hours a week in straight website marketing ALONE, to have even a SHOT in the DARK at being successful.

What is Drop Shipping? 

Drop Shipping is essentially selling someone else’s products on YOUR website. Say for instance you find a manufacture of sunglasses over seas. You like their products, and they want to sell their sunglasses. You sign a contract with them that you will do your own marketing, be responsible for your own costs, and you will attempt to drive clients to a website YOU OWN and control. Client comes to your site, buys the sunglasses, BUT here’s the trick, they are actually buying from the manufacturer. Your website is like a pass through, or in more simplistic terms, you are a broker.

You are making a piece, a commission, an up-charge. Say the sunglasses actually cost $5.00 but you sell them on your website for $10.00, you make $5.00 per sale. Now there a lot of other things to consider and you can also get more in depth with additional things like white-labeling a product. However, for our purposes we don’t care. We’re here to talk about marketing and getting more people to buy from your online store. The point is this. Dropshipping websites are like broker websites. You’re driving customers to your site, they see your website, click on it, but they are buying someone else’s product.

Why Drop Ship Websites Suck and Why Dropshipping is a Scam in Our Opinion 

We could spend all month ripping this topic apart. We don’t have time for that. So, here’s why drop ship websites suck and why dropshipping is a scam in our opinion. Most people who invest in a drop shipping website, meaning the poor schmuck who is coughing up their hard earned cash, are doing so because some ass hole online conned them into thinking they can make an easy buck. The way most drop ship websites are pitched is this:

I am cringing as I type this because a lot of the people who get scammed into doing this are using their savings, or they are old and need money, or they got laid off or fired and they are doing this to save their family. If this sounds like you PLEASE STOP. Don’t do ANYTHING till you read this and do your own research. The only person or business entity above who is making REAL money is the FUCKING dropshipping website platform. Period. A domain can cost a few dollars, so who cares, no big expense. Setting up with a dropshipper is usually free, they get paid when people buy stuff. HOWEVER, ding ding ding, the Drop Shipping “website platform” usually costs a few thousand dollars, with a couple hundred dollar a month fee to keep it hosted and live. This is bullshit and this is where innocent people get royally fucked financially.

It costs THOUSANDS to HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars to successfully market a law firm, medical office, or business in a local area like Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, or any big market. Now, if you’re trying to sell “widgets” online you’re trying to compete COAST to COAST. Not JUST in a city. Worse, your competitors aren’t small law firms or other dentists, YOU ARE GOING UP AGAINST Target, Nordstrom, Nike, Amazon. Yes, I typed AMAZON.

Look, in order for your dropship website to make money people need to CHOOSE to buy from YOUR website over the other ten zillion websites selling the same widgets you are. This means you NEED to spend a TON of money to market your website. Most people who jump into Drop Shipping are doing so as a “last ditch effort” to make money and feed their families. The math doesn’t add up. Making a drop ship website work is going to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and even then it might fail. Those videos with the duchebags dancing around Ferarris and Lambo’s fail to tell you that.

E Commerce Marketing Companies and Increasing Sales to my Website 

I know I sound like an ass-hat, and probably even a cynical ass hole. I am sorry, I’m really not. Being in this business (digital marketing, sales, tech) for nearly 16 years has let me see some amazing stuff and some really shitty stuff. Dropshipping is just one of those shitty ones. Now, e-commerce, I mean REAL e-commerce is different. And, that’s why you came here and why you stopped by today. So, let’s talk about E Commerce Marketing Companies and Increasing Sales to my Website. Just kidding, increasing sales to YOUR website.

You need to first and foremost approach this with a realistic mindset. It’s going to cost a lot of money. And, unless you have a Giagantasarous Rex bankroll, you will ALSO have to do a lot of work all on your own. Here are some steps we believe are crucial to any online website stores success.

Branding and getting your name out there 

The best way to do this, we believe, is through television commercials, radio ads, and billboards. Social media is great too, but not as powerful as these three traditional types of marketing. You need to hype up your business, your products, your services. Your website needs to have a buzz about this. If you don’t have the bankroll to go national with your television and radio ads, start with local BIG cities. If your product has a niche, look for areas to blast it out to your market audience.

For example, say you sell workout gear or supplements. Try to cut a deal on a low cost closed caption marketing commercial that plays at local gyms. If you sell hats and clothes, donate a bunch to a local charity and invite the local paper out to interview you while you’re doing it, also invite local cable news stations out. The point is this, think outside the BOX, the Black Box. Yeah we’re marketing too.

Google AdWords and Paid Ads

This should be super self explanatory. If it’s not, then stop reading this article now. In fact, stop dreaming of making money online. If the T-Rex was the King of the Dinosaurs, if Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll, If Britney Spears was the Queen of Pop, then Google AdWords is the King, Queen, and the entire Royal Court of Online Marketing. You need to be prepared to spend a lot of money on your paid ads. Remember, you’re trying to sell widgets and services coast to coast. This means you need to run a national AdWords campaign.

Content Marketing and Organic SEO

Yes, you need to write a lot of content. Every product, every service, should have dozens of pages and posts associated and assigned to it. Remember, the search engines are looking for information. The Googlebot, and every online bot, doesn’t know sunglasses from e-cigarettes. It’s simply picking up data. Writing amazing content, and a lot of it, is the only way that your website has a shot in the dark or ranking organically.

However, this should not scare you or stump you. You have TONS of topics to write about. Every product is a topic, every thing that product or services does is a topic. Reviews can be topics. You get the picture? Just write, have fun, enjoy it. Remember, this is your baby, your business, make it happen.

Technical SEO, Structured Data, & Programming 

There are a ton of extra things you can do to sort of “supercharge” your website. From compression and minification and speed optimization, to AMP and CDN Hosting you can get as tricky as you want with your technical SEO. If you have questions about this type of stuff give us a call.

Increasing Website Sales and Black Box SEM 

If you’re really ready to tackle an online based business, we can help. If we offended anyone with our article, we apologize. The only reason we are so blunt is because we are passionate about doing the right thing. Getting an online store or e-commerce based business up and running isn’t easy. It’s also not cheap, and in all reality, it can be very expensive. While we do our best to keep our prices as affordable as possible, E Commerce SEO Marketing and marketing for online based business are usually the most expensive types of campaigns we run. Give us a call at (877) 897-7785 if you would like to discuss a potential campaign.


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