The Ever-Evolving World of Organic SEO

As we tiptoe into Fall 2019, and we begin to relax an enjoy the upcoming holiday season, those of us in the SEO world feel like we’ve been through a whirlwind of a year. Now, updates and changes to organic search factors happen all of the time. And, for any of you out there who have had your rankings and traffic smashed, it’s not Google’s fault. It’s your SEO companies fault. Too many times shady SEO agencies LOVE to blame Google for “algorithm updates” as to why their clients are not ranking or getting quality leads. That’s bullshit, and it’s a lie.

However, we did see some drastic changes and big movements this past summer. In fact, it felt like July, August, and September were just 90 days of constant updates. No one gets a “cheat sheet” to the way Google works. Truthfully, Google is just trying to make searching better. They are attempting to improve a broken system where according to Search Engine Journal, most engine users don’t trust the findings anyway. Never the less, even we saw swings this last summer. Yes, we overcame them, and NO none of our clients were affected. But that’s because we stayed ahead of the curve. We jumped in front of the oncoming freight train that is Google and their updates.

But how long can we do this for? How much more can we, and all digital marketing agencies take? The ever-evolving world of organic SEO is slowly suffocating everyone to death. Our agency deals primarily with Law Firms, Medical Professionals, and E-Commerce Business Owners. In our opinion, the top 3 types of working professionals who rely very heavily on digital marketing for their lead generation needs. What can they do, what can a quality SEO company do, to build campaigns that survive search parameter swings? We challenged our staff to that, and here is what they came up with.

Search Engine Optimization is Dead 

Okay, if you were hoping we had some calculated equation or magic potion up our sleeve than you don’t know us that well. We are realists, and it took only a few minutes (and a few hey fuck you we told you so looks) from our development team to come to the conclusion that search engine optimization is dead. If you’re stuck paying some marketing agency for local SEO, or directories, or map placements you might as well take your money and light it on fire cause you’re fucked. Royally fucked. SEO is dead, and unlike Tiknerbell, no amount of clapping (or bitching and complaining) is going to resurrect it.

So, why are we being so blunt? Simple, we’re honest. Look, we built this company because we all used to work with shady ass SEO firms. We know the tricks they play, the words they spin, and the bait and switch tactics they use to screw over business owners. How many times have you signed up with a marketing agency for them to turn around, take your money, and provide you with zero leads? Every time? Yup, we know the drill. Now, more than ever, business owners need to think outside the box. Should you stop SEO all together? No, that’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Should you rely on SEO, fuck no, that’s why you’re reading this article now instead of answering the phone and making money. So, what do you do?

How to Market Your Business without SEO 

In this article, we’re going to tackle something that needs to be addressed ASAP, which is how to market your business without SEO. Search engine optimization simply means getting your website, pages, posts, and company info to rank high on the SERPs (search engine results pages). Unfortunately, two big factors have nearly killed a business’s ability to make money on SEO lead generation. First, paid search is not just dominating, it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing organic SEO to death. According to most SEO agencies, over 80% of all searches are mobile. The top 4-5 slots on a mobile phone are paid ads, and the ads are now very discreetly listed as an ad. Second, updates like structured data, mobile-first indexing, and AMP continue to change organic search parameters, and subsequently, ranking results. Forget what worked yesterday doesn’t work today. What worked a few hours ago is now changing.

However, there’s no reason to panic. There’s no reason to cancel your website hosting or to stop producing organic content. You don’t need to give up on SEO, you just need to be smart about it. The bulk of our clients are attorneys, dentists, and online store owners. You need a digital presence, however, you ALSO need to feed your marketing campaign. Here are our top 5 ways to market your business without SEO.

The Top 5 Ways to Marketing Your Business Without SEO

You asked for it, we challenged our staff, and here are our opinions. Don’t just blindly trust us, do your own homework. As your coworkers, your business partners, heck even call a bunch of traditional marketing agencies. There are our top 5 ways we’ve been generating leads for our clients without focusing on digital marketing. Yes, we still cover and support AdWords and Organics, but it’s no longer enough. Without any further delay, here are the top 5 ways to market your business without SEO.

Social Media 

Social media can be a great way to sell widgets, so this is more for our e-commerce based clients. We don’t believe in Social Media too much for attorneys unless you practice a form of research law. To explain, if you’re a personal injury lawyer, criminal defense attorney, or employment law firm your client is going to call you out of a “sense of urgency” and will probably either use a search engine or remember a television commercial jingle. The point is that they are usually not going to “research” you or your law firm prior to calling you. However, if you are a real estate law firm, estate planning lawyer, or even a divorce attorney a client may go check out your social feeds.

Never the less, social can be useful, even powerful is utilized correctly and for the right type of business. For our dental clients, plastic surgeons, and e-commerce clients we love to use social and even paid ads on social to drive sales.


Fuck SEO, forget all forms of marketing, nothing may be more powerful than word of mouth leads. Think about it, if a trusted source refers you to a business you’re going to buy. Especially if you need it. So, get involved with peers in your field. Attend law firm or medical marketing conferences, send each other referrals. If you practice injury law and your friend practices criminal defense, you can probably bounce at least one or two cases each other’s way. if you’re a CPA and you have a client going through a divorce, send them to a divorce lawyer you know and maye they will send you a new client. Don’t forget the power of networking.

Print Advertising 

Yes, we went old-school on this one, no it doesn’t mean it does not work. In fact, it works REALLY good. We have a major personal injury law firm in Ohio KILLING IT right now because of our direct mailing campaigns. People still love to get cool shit in the mail, so why not send them some cool shit? Don’t think that just because we are in a digital world where cars can drive themselves means you still can’t utilize old tricks. Print marketing is true, tried, and tested.

Radio and Billboards 

Okay, if we had to list our top 5 ways to market your business without SEO in order this would be easily number two. Look, people listen to the radio. They also use these things called cars. So they see billboards. Guess what, they also remember what they see on billboards. Don’t forget about the power of radio ads and billboards, they pay off in the end.

Television Commercials 

Number one, and we mean way ahead of everything else, is television commercials. If you don’t know by now, people are addicted to their TV’s. If you think TV is too expensive, think again. You can get great deals on local cable, closed-circuit television (like at gyms, theme parks, or gas station pumps), and on streaming sources like Netflix. Television commercials are kicking ass for our clients. Yes, media purchasing is tricky. However, we have you covered. Our media buying department works hand in hand with our producers to come up with bad-ass, effective, and affordable commercials that yield new client calls.

Surviving the Death of Search Engine Optimization 

Surviving the death of search engine optimization is actually easier than you think. In this article we touched on why SEO is dead, the top 5 ways to market your business without SEO, and how each of the top 5 ways can be effective for driving your business new leads. At the end of the day, we believe that growing your business starts with a trusted lead source. Notice how we didn’t say “partner”? That’s cause the word partner is more bullshit that gets thrown at you in an attempt to make you buy something. You need a good lead source. The marketing agency you’re paying now promised, or pitched you to death, that they were the BEST lead source. It’s not working, so try a real lead generation company. Call Black Box today and start growing your business.

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