Simplest Way to Build an App for My Restaurant

If you’re a bar or restaurant owner in Los Angeles, or anywhere in the country for that matter, you’re most likely looking to keep your doors open. We understand, in fact, our founders have also owned restaurants. So we know first hand how hard it can be to cover expenses, keep your lights on, and still put food on your own table during the best of times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been almost impossible to stay in the “green”. And, things may only get worse. So, if you’ve found our site because you’ve google searched “the simplest way to build an app for my restaurant” at least you’re forward-thinking. Apps may very well be the BEST way to keep your doors open, and if you utilize them correctly, even THRIVE in this new age of dining.

We wanted to make an app that was easy to use, provided all of the tools and services restaurateurs and bar owners need, and most of all… we wanted to make it affordable. Yeah, we get it. Times are tough, and if you’re looking to make an app for your restaurant you need it to be cost-effective. Otherwise, it’s just going to put you deeper into the hole. Over the last 4 months, our development teams have been working around the clock, sparing no expense, to design the easiest to use app builder for restaurants and bars. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Before we dive deeper into our restaurant and bar app builder, let’s take a moment to explain why Black Box is the best company to partner with when it comes to marketing your business. For over a decade we’ve been helping law firms and medical professionals grow their practices. Dealing with attorneys and doctors isn’t easy. They demand results. More so, getting leads for a law firm or plastic surgeon is tough.

So, if we have the skills to drive doctors, dentists, and big-time attorneys new business… just imagine what we can do for you and your restaurant or bar. Let’s discuss the easiest to use app builder for restaurants.

Quick and Easy 4 Step Restaurant App Builder Process 

We know that time is money. In addition, we understand that restaurant and bar owners may not be the best at using technology. That’s not meant to be rude or disrespectful, we’re just being honest. Your skillset is making amazing food, cool cocktails, and building an environment that patrons want to come back to again and again. You’re most likely not a coder or computer programmer. If you are, hats off to you. If you’re not, we built a quick and easy 4 step restaurant app builder process. It’s literally as easy at 1,2,3, and 4. The fourth step being the launch of course.

At Black Box, we thought of everything a restaurant or bar owner would want (and most of all need) from an app. From making takeout orders more convenient and assisting with billing and tips to downright synching your marketing efforts and helping customers find you and purchase from you. Heck, you have even ad in your social media, paid ads, and offer coupons. Let’s look at the simplest way to build and design an app for your restaurant or bar.

Step One – Sign Up for the Black Box Restaurant APP Builder 

Choose your sign up option. Upfront payment – with a 1-month termination notice. Monthly payment – 12 months minimum contract. Build it yourself – try for free only pay when you are ready to launch. See how simple and easy, and most of all, affordable that sounds? So hurry up and start now, just kidding, keep reading.

Step Two – Complete The Client Information Form

The form consists of questions about what App features you require, such as:

  • Table booking
  • Delivery options
  • Loyalty programs
  • Preferred payment gateway
  • Branding options with menu and images

Essentially, we get to learn more about you, your restaurant or bar, your wants/needs, and the type of software you currently use.

Step Three – Testing and Development 

Want to try it out and make sure it works before you launch or pay for it? We think so. After 5 days we will provide a PWA (progressive web app) for you to test. Once you are happy with the App we then submit the App to the App stores and within 5 days your app will be live.

Step Four – Pop Some Champagne & Celebrate – It’s Time to Go LIVE

Once your App is submitted we will provide you with marketing tools such as:

  • QR Codes for signage
  • Share on social media to your followers
  • Provide training for the CRM

Try a Free Restaurant App Builder Program 

If you’re ready to try a free restaurant app builder program call us now at (877) 897-7785. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we’re ready to help you keep your doors open. COVID-19 has rocked our nation from a health standpoint and from a business standpoint. It’s been tough to stay positive, but with the development of our take-out order app and restaurant/bar app, we believe we’ve created a way for restaurant and bar owners to climb back into the game.


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