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Get Real Targeted Phone Calls Today

How many times have you been pitched hard by an SEO Firm, only to be let down within a few short months? Broken promises and missed time tables can ruin a business relationship quickly. Most law firms are painted an amazing picture. The old “within 90 days or less” ranking guarantee is one of the oldest tricks in the book to get you to sign and fork over big bucks.

Here is the run down. Organic rankings take time. When you use a technology firm though, organic rankings become the “icing on the cake”. While your website content is being indexed, and your blogs via RSS are triggering search engines to revisit and re-crawl the website, you run your targeted Ads. The point is simple, you can get your law firm phone ringing within a few days to a week of launching any campaign. The money just doesn’t go into the pocket of your marketing agency. Thus, where the problem lies. Your SEO Firm wants to get paid first, second, and every month. We flipped the tables back in your favor. FIRST you need to get paid. Then WE can get paid.



“Best company I have ever worked with in regards to marketing. We get new cases each month, and we track all of the calls. I can honestly say that my spend is worth it.”

Daryl Rubin – Personal Injury Attorney Toledo, OH

“I was going broke paying for marketing, and my phones were never ringing. In my first month I was able to get DUI client calls, for me, that keeps the lights on. Now, I am getting bigger cases and just started getting Federal Cases three months ago. These guys know what they are doing.”

Marc S. Kohnen – Criminal Defense Lawyer San Diego, CA

“I have zero time for nonsense. I need new cases each week. I met this company years ago at the ABA convention. One of the best financial decisions I have ever made for my practice. Call me if you want to find out more about their results.”

Alejandro D. De Varona – Criminal Defense Attorney Miami, FL

“We manage a Personal Injury and Family Law Practice is Indianapolis. It was so hard to find a company who could deliver accident cases as well as calls for divorce. This company delivers. If you have any questions about why we LOVE Black Box, please feel free to call our law office.”

Tess White & Joan Champagne 

“I was spending over $35,000.00 a month on marketing and even though I had calls coming in, I wasn’t making enough to break even. Every other SEO company told me that it was impossible for my site to rank natrually in every city in my area. I’ve been with Black Box for over 4 years now, I rank number one from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, that’s every city within a 100 plus mile range. This company is amazing.”

Michaelson & Michaelson DUI Defender Program

“I cannot say enough about this firm. From their honestly to their availability, they are top notch. I’ve used every major SEO firm. NONE have hit the mark. This agency though, they are different. Here, you’re not treated like you owe them, it’s the opposite. They are more concerned with getting you client calls then collecting a monthly payment. I highly recommend them.”

Humberto Tijerina – Decorated Personal Injury Lawyer – Texas

“I love my results, I get new DUI and Criminal Defense cases weekly, def the right company for your marketing, go Black Box SEM.”

“I get so many new calls directly from my app, I cannot believe my law firm has grown to this size simply because of the app they put together for my law firm.”

“As an attorney in Chicago, marketing companies call me daily trying to sell me. I went with Black Box five years ago, I’ll never use anyone else for my marketing.” 

The Marketing Challenge

Every SEO Firm in the world wants your business. You make money, so they believe they can charge you a lot in return. Your competition is strong and costs per click can kill your monthly budget in days. Organic campaigns need constant quality content and you have to watch your online reputation like a hawk. Mobile design and security, multiple ad campaigns, television marketing, it can pile up fast. Remember, on top of all of this you ALSO have to manage your Law Firm and be a LAWYER. It’s a lot to do all on your own. It is even harder if you select the WRONG marketing agency. Stop answering random sales calls promising you “better rankings”. What is a ranking? Some phantom keyword no one uses? You need real client calls each month. Period.

The Marketing Solution

 We are not sales reps. We do not come to work in three pieces suits and ties. If you saw us out in public you would categorize us as computer nerds. But that is what you need. If someone is sick, they go to the doctor. When your tooth hurts you rush to the dentist. If you want to sue a business or have a legal issue, you call an attorney. SO WHY DO YOU pay a marketing agency when you want to dominate in a digital space? A personal team of domestic, fully trained and educated computer nerds, is the solution to your lead equation. Let us work the math backwards and get the calls coming in today. Get a geek today and watch your law firm grow. It’s time for a change. It is time to make more then you spend on your law firm marketing.



The “client interview” process. Every other firm is trying to sell you on how GREAT they are. We are interested in you and your current situation. Why you ask? Simple, we need data. When a client comes to you, in order for you to be able to help that client, you NEED to KNOW the WHOLE story behind their legal situation. Once you know the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY you, as an attorney, can help navigate the muddy waters of our legal system. From Personal Injury to High Asset Divorce. Simply DUI to Criminal Fraud, you NEED all of the information so you can accurately devise a legal game plan for your client. YOUR marketing agency is supposed to do the SAME thing. BUT all they ever want to talk about it their own firm. This leads to empty promises and broken expectations.

We interview you, your firm, all to understand what it is that you truly WANT. Then we figure out what you truly NEED. From types of cases to geographical areas. Reputation issues, past experiences, links, citations, current ads, you name it we go over it. Then for FREE to we go to work and review everything. It’s always better to crawl before you walk, date before you get married. There is no rush to use any SEO Firm. Let us do some homework for free to make sure this is a fit for you and us. This is JUST STEP ONE.


Step Two is our “analysis overview” where we rip apart everything we went over during the interview. We take a look at your current rankings, the types of cases you want, the types of phone calls you want, your budget, reputation, and we compare it to the top attorneys you are going against. By identifying which law firms are currently getting the “bulk of the business” we can identify your target competition. This gives us the ability to develop a game plan to beat them. It is like playing the ultimate nerds video game. By gathering quality information about your needs, and comparing your current position to your competitors, we get a clearer picture of what needs to be adjusted. 


Step Three is our final process in delivering free information to your law firm. YES, we said FOR FREE. After interviewing you then taking the time to analyze your competitors, our team of geeks get together and build a “battle plan” to take down your toughest opponents. Just like you spend time figuring out how to take on an insurance agency or the state prosecutors office, we figure out “holes” in your competitors coding, programming, and online presence. We then tie in graphic design, conversion ratio optimization, quality score, as well as a plethora of additional tools that gives us the ammunition, we need to attack your vertical of law. We then deliver this “blue print” to you, again for FREE, in an easy to read and follow outline. You can choose to do the work yourself and save money… or hire us. You pick. Pretty cut and dry, it’s the most honest analysis we believe you will ever find.


Organic + AdWords


Design + CRO

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Expectations for your Law Practice 

Setting realistic expectations is vital to our relationships with our clients. In order to do this we need to interview you. The first step in our three step process is to learn all about you, your law firm, and your specific wants and needs. Then we go to work, and we do this for free. By analyzing your competition, what it is that you expect out of your website and overall marketing spend, we can then delivery our educated opinion to you. The findings, data, and total blue print of what we recommend to your firm is FREE. You can take it and do the work yourself, hire someone else to do the work, or hire us. Your choice and we will NOT push our services on you.

Our clients come to us from referrals. We don’t market or cold call because we are not sales reps. We are a tight-nit group of programmers, designers, and content developers who left our old agencies because we all got sick and tired of clients being ripped off just because they didn’t understand the technology or services. We will tell you upfront what we can and cannot do. You pick to use us or not. Expectations set right, goals hit, clients obtained. It is a win-win relationship when done right from day one.


Designs that convert client inquires into client PHONE CALLS

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. Yes, we know you know that. SEM stands for “search engine marketing” which is the main service you probably believe you have been paying for. You haven’t. See, most companies call themselves SEO Firms because they fail to focus on all of the aspects of true SEM. Without doing this they save money. You get screwed. CRO stands for Conversion Ratio Optimization. Design and “calls to action” are vital to your CRO. Google Quality Score can not only get you better calls, it can more importantly save you money by lowering your AdWords spend. It all starts with quality and effective design.

Track Your Client Conversions & Your Spend

Google Analytics, access to your AdWords Account, owning your website, the list goes on and on. So many times law firms fall victim to companies who claim they “own” the “intellectual property” of the website. Sadly, as attorneys, you buy into this and get suckered. We cannot tell you for certain, but having worked in this field for decades, we can tell you with almost certainty that every agency (with maybe the exception of one or two) use a “white label” version of an open source CMS. Then block you from accessing it.

You own everything with us, all open source platforms, all content, everything. Best of all with your dedicated team lead you get access to information weekly. Virtual face to face meetings let us interface together. Growing your law firm, just like you always dreamed of.

Directory Submissions & Clients Reviews

We submit your business to online directories in order to manage what is known as your “NAP” score. Google, as well as all search engines, use your “name-address-phone number” listings for local map placements. The BEST part about our NAP Submissions is that YOU OWN them. We give you access and ownership of all of the profiles we create, even your Google Maps Profile, which most other marketing agencies keep for themselves. They do this to trap you and keep you help hostage.

Next, we tackle your online reviews and reputation. From sending out requests for clients to leave feedback, to managing your Google and Yelp reviews, we help build and polish your online reputation. We also help with Legal Directories like AVVO and FindLaw submissions.


Social Media Management & Client Targeting

Do you really want to sit and create posts and manage your views every day? We know that taking on a full scale Social Media Campaign takes an ARMY. You need to locate informative, relevant legal topics to discuss. Then you need to write quality unique content. Finally you need to optimize and publish.

We take on this responsibility for you. From managing your paid ads to branding your business, your social presence must be taken seriously. We assume this burden and work daily on developing your digital footprint.

Managing Your Paid Ads

There are multiple ways of generating client calls. One of the BEST ways is utilizing paid ads. Google is the “800 POUND GORILLA” when it comes to pay per click advertising. We are a big believer in Google AdWords. However, there are also other outlets for paid ads that simply cannot be ignored. From Bing to Yelp and even Facebook, we can help you manage your campaigns. Our goal is to increase your productivity through multiple techniques such as Google’s Quality Score as well as other tactics that are aimed to increase conversion and decrease ineffective spending.


Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

Black Box SEM was started because our founders, well, found themselves sick of how clients were being treated. Our 30 plus years of combined executive experience has allowed us to come up with a fool proof battle plan. Take a look at our  four steps to success. 

Our team of writers, designers, and developers are all in-house. When it comes to publishing content and visual aspects about your business don’t just trust anyone. Black Box SEM is a boutique agency. We perform no direct marketing. There is a reason why you are reading this page. Someone you know and trust referred you to us. Are you ready to take create a campaign today, one that will change your business forever?

Project Research

We analyze your current positions and your competirors traffic


We build you a custom site from the ground up, content + coding.


Your site becomes a one of a kind work of art, desktop and mobile.


We continue to add content off page and on page monthly

Let’s Work Together

Better Coding. Better Programming. Better Results.


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