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How many times have you been pitched hard by an SEO Firm, only to be let down within a few short months? Broken promises and missed time tables can ruin a business relationship quickly. Most business owners are painted an amazing picture. The old “within 90 days or less” ranking guarantee is one of the oldest tricks in the book to get you to sign and fork over big bucks.

Here is the run down. Organic rankings take time. When you use a technology firm though, organic rankings become the “icing on the cake”. While your website content is being indexed, and your blogs via RSS are triggering search engines to revisit and re-crawl the website, you run your targeted Ads. The point is simple, you can get your phone ringing within a few days to a week of launching any campaign. The money just doesn’t go into the pocket of your marketing agency. Thus, where the problem lies. Your SEO Firm wants to get paid first, second, and every month. We flipped the tables back in your favor. FIRST you need to get paid. Then WE can get paid.

You are out in the field daily, working hard, to make sure your clients are taken care of. From Plumbing to HVAC, Home Improvement to Local SEO needs, you put your clients first. You break your back so your clients can rest assured their needs are taken care of. We wanted to do the same thing for local business owners. So we created a special program just for local business owners.

Our affordable local SEO package focuses on easy to use website design elements and quality content. We submit local citations, and develop blog posts which allow us to focus on primary keywords your business associates with. Essentially the services you provide. We know that you need an “all in one solution” and we also know you need a trusted partner. You are in the field working, you don’t have time to chase some advertisement agency. We handle everything for you at one affordable price. Every month we also go through a virtual meeting to review the amount of calls and total analytics with you, all so you can fully understand everything about your marketing campaign. Here is what comes with this package…

  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Development & Monthly Blog Postings
  • Local Citations & Google Profile Management 
  • Reputation Management and Yelp Assistance 
  • Social Media Management and Postings 
  • Website Hosting & Site Security 
  • No Additional Fees for Monthly Advertisements & Special Coupon Campaigns


Organic + AdWords


Design + CRO

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Get MORE phone calls and SAVE money

Setting realistic expectations is vital to our relationships with our clients. In order to do this we need to interview you. The first step in our process is to learn all about you, your business, and your specific wants and needs. Then we go to work, and we do this for free. By analyzing your competition, what it is that you expect out of your website and overall marketing spend, we can then deliver our educated opinion to you. The findings, data, and total blue print of what we recommend to your firm is FREE. You can take it and do the work yourself, hire someone else to do the work, or hire us. Your choice and we will NOT push our services on you.

Our clients come to us from referrals. We don’t market or cold call because we are not sales reps. We are a tight-nit group of programmers, designers, and content developers who left our old agencies because we all got sick and tired of clients being ripped off just because they didn’t understand the technology or services. We will tell you upfront what we can and cannot do. You pick to use us or not. Expectations set right, goals hit, clients obtained. It is a win-win relationship when done right from day one.

Web Design your clients can easily use

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. Yes, we know you know that. SEM stands for “search engine marketing” which is the main service you probably believe you have been paying for. You haven’t. See, most companies call themselves SEO Firms because they fail to focus on all of the aspects of true SEM. Without doing this they save money. You get screwed. CRO stands for Conversion Ratio Optimization. Design and “calls to action” are vital to your CRO. Google Quality Score can not only get you better calls, it can more importantly save you money by lowering your AdWords spend. It all starts with quality and effective design.

Track Your Client Conversions & Your Spend

Every month we will go through all of your analytics with you. Also, since we assign you a dedicated team leader, you can talk to your reo daily about phone calls and traffic to your website. Our goal is to make local SEO super simple and easy for you. We understand that you are in the field working. You need to depend upon someone the way your clients depend upon you to be there when an issue arises.

We provide that same level of customer service to you. Best of all, our affordable local SEO package is built strictly for your business vertical. We roll everything you need into one, easy to manage, monthly price. No contracts, no commitments, you can pay as you go and stay as long as you like. Transparency is key and we have developed a platform that works for you and your business.

Appliances Doctor

“I love my website, I needed something that would allow me to market all over Southern California, these guys came through big time”

Ted Shapiro – Managing Partner

Spiwax Salon

“Trying to market and handle my social media, plus working, was impossible. They did an amazing job and I get new clients weekly” 

Samantha Spiwak – CEO


We Don't Solicit. We Don't Cold Call. We Don't Market.

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