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How many times have you been pitched hard by an SEO Firm, only to be let down within a few short months? Broken promises and missed time tables can ruin a business relationship quickly. Most e-commerce merchants are painted an amazing picture. The old “within 90 days or less” ranking guarantee is one of the oldest tricks in the book to get you to sign and fork over big bucks.

In order for your business to grow you cannot just rank locally. Here is where almost every SEO Firm will fail you. Ranking locally is what SEO truly is all about. Layering a website with quality content, keywords, header tags, and the optimization of images. Pepper in some local citations and presto, you can rank locally. HOWEVER, with online based business you need to rank in EVER major city in every state. So how do you do that? This one is not so simple. Yes, it can be done. Totally, we have done it and we rock at it. BUT this one is a special vertical all on its own. We need to sit down and brain storm with you. Call us today if you are truly interested in national rankings and traffic to your website on a multi-state level.


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Setting realistic expectations is vital to our relationships with our clients. In order to do this we need to interview you. The first step in our process is to learn all about you, your online business, and your specific wants and needs. Then we go to work, and we do this for free. By analyzing your competition, what it is that you expect out of your website and overall marketing spend, we can then delivery our educated opinion to you. The findings, data, and total blue print of what we recommend to your firm is FREE. You can take it and do the work yourself, hire someone else to do the work, or hire us. Your choice and we will NOT push our services on you.

Our clients come to us from referrals. We don’t market or cold call because we are not sales reps. We are a tight-nit group of programmers, designers, and content developers who left our old agencies because we all got sick and tired of clients being ripped off just because they didn’t understand the technology or services. We are also a FULL SERVICE e-commerce provider. We can not only develop a front end website that ranks and gets traffic, but we can also help you with your merchant processing needs.

Design that converts client inquires into client PHONE CALLS

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. Yes, we know you know that. SEM stands for “search engine marketing” which is the main service you probably believe you have been paying for. You haven’t. See, most companies call themselves SEO Firms because they fail to focus on all of the aspects of true SEM. Without doing this they save money. You get screwed. CRO stands for Conversion Ratio Optimization. Design and “calls to action” are vital to your CRO. Google Quality Score can not only get you better calls, it can more importantly save you money by lowering your AdWords spend. It all starts with quality and effective design.

Track Your Client Conversions & Your Spend

Google Analytics, access to your AdWords Account, owning your website, the list goes on and on. So many times e-commerce clients fall victim to companies who claim they “own” the “intellectual property” of the website. Sadly, you buy into this and get suckered. We cannot tell you for certain, but having worked in this field for decades, we can tell you with almost certainty that every agency (with maybe the exception of one or two) use a “white label” version of an open source CMS. Then block you from accessing it.

You own everything with us, all open source platforms, all content, everything. Best of all with your dedicated team lead you get access to information weekly. Virtual face to face meetings let us interface together. Growing your online business, just like you always dreamed of.


We Don't Solicit. We Don't Cold Call. We Don't Market.

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