Once your website is designed, you’re going to want to program and develop the site structure. This means optimizing the website, which we know has become a “four letter word” in the marketing industry. Our skills are second to none, and we are the true programmers, coders, and publishers who put the work into your campaign. There is only one real reason to invest money into your website, which is to increase your businesses profits. Whether you’re looking to achieve that goal through branding or through attracting new clients to call you, we have you covered. Check out what we do for you below. Or, if you’re ready to rock and roll, pick up the phone and call us.



Custom Programming & Content Structure

After your website is designed to your liking the next step is to program it. If you intend to utilize your site for marketing purposes you need to pay close attention to the development of your site. Design is tricky, and sometimes you simply cannot afford to cut corners. There are a plethora of free drag and drop options out on the market. If you do not need aggressive SEM then these tools may be best for you. Your business can save a lot of money as quality coding and design are expensive. When you add in development the fees can become costly. If however you do want to use your site to drive client traffic then developing and front end and back end are going to be vital. Black Box SEM focuses on quality, high dense content. We put a ton of extras into our development plans because you are going to need it IF you want to rank high and manage AdWords.

Speed Optimization & Local SEO Citations

We utilize CDN platforms as well as other techniques to increase page speed and conversions. By minifying your sites HTML and CSS we can help push your page speed significantly. We build from the ground up, so we can compress our sites wire framing. Local citations are also something a lot of firms either skip or charge you more for. We include this and then build a strong, fully “white-hat” link campaign within the site itself.

Testing & Mobile Conversions 

We test your website monthly. Just because it works today doesn’t mean something cannot happen. By monitoring your site and online presence monthly we ensure that you wont get a “dreaded client call” asking “why your website wont let them do something”. Mobile is also included in each site, and we test to make sure it converts on every type of devise and each browser.


We build in an open source environment. This gives you the site flexibility you need. Every business has different unique needs. From e-commerce merchant accounts to law firm client management software, by developing your site in an open source coding platform we ensure you can do what you need, when you need. Websites also preform better when you have full access to CSS and HTML. Editing slugs and permalink management is essential to quality SEO results. Some systems block or “lock out” certain fields. Open Source gives our programmers the full range, and robust environment they need to out code and program your competitors.



Programming that delivers quality results

Setting realistic expectations is vital to our relationships with our clients. In order to do this we need to interview you.¬†Our clients come to us from referrals. We don’t market or cold call because we are not sales reps. We are a tight-nit group of programmers, designers, and content developers who left our old agencies because we all got sick and tired of clients being ripped off just because they didn’t understand the technology or services. We will tell you upfront what we can and cannot do. You pick to use us or not. Expectations set right, goals hit, clients obtained. It is a win-win relationship when done right from day one.

Conversion Ratio Optimization

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. Yes, we know you know that. SEM stands for “search engine marketing” which is the main service you probably believe you have been paying for. You haven’t. See, most companies call themselves SEO Firms because they fail to focus on all of the aspects of true SEM. Without doing this they save money. You get screwed. CRO stands for Conversion Ratio Optimization. Design and “calls to action” are vital to your CRO. Google Quality Score can not only get you better calls, it can more importantly save you money by lowering your AdWords spend. It all starts with quality and effective design.

Page speed and how your site preforms on all levels

You want your website to preform well on desktop and mobile. This is something most business owners have known for years. However, there are other elements that are vital to your sites success. Google provides multiple tests to help a developer make sure a website has the best possible chance to succeed online. Some of this requires skilled programming though. A lot of design firms use templates or do not know how to edit CSS. Our developers are programmers, so we do the heavy lifting other agencies shy away from.


We Don't Solicit. We Don't Cold Call. We Don't Market.

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