We will be the first to tell you, that when it comes to marketing your business, you have LOTS of OPTIONS. Honesty is the best policy, and SEO and SEM are just two avenues you may or may not want to consider when trying to build your business.

The owners of Black Box SEM are programmers. Not sales reps. We’ve been around the block, and we know all of the empty promises SEO firms have extended to business owners over the last 12 plus years. We wanted to solve that problem.

SEO and SEM may or may not be for you. What makes us so special is that we consult with business owners for free. This helps us work as a team to analyze what your needs and wants are, and most importantly, what marketing avenues are best suited for you.

Our promise is simple. If you do not get clients from our marketing efforts you owe us nothing. ZERO. We don’t believe it is fair to charge you money if we cannot deliver what matters most, what you’re paying for when you invest in marketing, NEW business. 

Guaranteed Client Phone Calls & Inquiries 

Guaranteed Rankings & Traffic

Guaranteed Customer Satifsfaction 

The Support Your Business Needs

SEO, SEM, and all forms of marketing MUST be varifable and quantifiable. If not, then how do you know if your spend is actually returning a profit? Too often law firms, doctors, and business owners have no idea that their marketing campaign is financially upside down. 

Our Google Cerfitied Professionals, Programmers, Coders, and SEO Gurus provide REAL TIME analytics. We give each client access to their marketing dashboard, where you can track clicks, traffic, and most all…NEW CLIENT PHONE CALLS.

Client Dashboard & Analytics

Our clients get full ownership of their website, content, and marketing elements. Most important, all of our work is tracked and as a client, you can sign into your dashboard twenty four hours a day. Your dashboard allows you to track the following items.

  • Google Analytics
  • Organic Traffic
  • Direct Traffic
  • Paid Search Traffic
  • Social Media Elements
  • Video & Post Views
  • Your Competitors Traffic
  • Mobile Elements
  • Website Inquires


We attend the same continuing educational courses and conferences YOU go to. Yes, of course we do this to brand ourselves BUT we also get a lot out of the meetings. See, by learning MORE about your industry, it helps our content writters develop unique and high quality work for your site. 

We LOVE to learn, and if you see us out at the ABA, AACD, or any convention we invite you to stop by our booth. 



Let’s Work Together

We would love to work with you and your team. If you want to talk shop, review a campaign, or if you just want some free tips, call us today. 

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